Thursday, January 04, 2007

"It really has to be one of the most frightening predators out there," says Dr Steve O'Shea of the quite frankly ENORMOUS squid they've just clocked off Antarctica. Well, you're not going to distrust someone a) with a doctorate b) called Steve and c) with TWO surnames are you? Helpfully the BBC website lists its size as being bigger than a giant squid which is indeed mightily helpful and goes some way towards explaining why this is called a colossal squid rather than one of those boringly giant ones. They could have come up with a more interesting name for it though, colossal just sounds like someone trying to describe what really big is without really knowing what big is. Maybe call it Reginald. Or Superfractalgolokkingmentalpudding Squid.

"It's been known since 1925, but no one really paid any attention to it," Dr O'Shea said which is a bit sad really, and makes me feel significantly better about being a loser at school. Five years is a picnic compared to 82 really.

The squid story has happily overshadowed the day's other big story (as opposed to war / bus collisions / global warming) which is that The OC's been cancelled after four seasons. The OC was so GOOD for two seasons, even though it had the fatal flaw of containing Marissa Cooper and her "No really, I am more annoying than Katie 'stroke smile' Holmes" voice. And then it all went to shit and I gave up watching it. This is why it's really good to download television actually, because it means that when TV shows start disappointing you, you can just ignore them and download something else. Viz, Nip Tuck season 4 vs Ugly Better and Heroes.

I should now like two dogs and a colossal squid please.

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