Tuesday, January 09, 2007

As all the links I've been looking at recently seem to involve bands, porn, cats in various odd places and general unsuitable crap, I asked work for links to go in the Q newsletter. That's my favourite - Tickle Me Emo. Wait for the razorblades to come out and then reflect on the fact that no-one, Muppet or otherwise, should be in possession of that haircut.

Other favourites include...
- A Chinese frozen waterfall (not a euphemism),
- Jessica Simpson might be a cow. Pretty much just a news story, but a sublimely headed news story.
- Star Wars done 1920s style. Silent movies, silent Stormtroopers...
- Every book Art Garfunkel has read since 1968. The man is clearly lying about January 2006.
- Furbie in a microwave. You know, those toys your niece/nephew/some child you once saw in a street was totally obsessed with a couple of years ago.
- Give your soul away, win a DVD

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