Thursday, January 18, 2007

In the words of my friend at Holy Moly, "Carphone Warehouse has pulled all sponsorship from CBB. The Perfume Shop has taken Jade's perfume out of every store across the UK. Boo Hoo HOO."

Blown out of proportion or not? CBB new exactly what they were doing when they put the dear old uneducated Goodies in and no wonder they're maintaining a discreet silence: it's raised their viewing figures massively. It's like Kate Moss and Burberry all over again...making ignorant comments and doing vast amounts of coke are both retarded, just indicative of a different social level. Although Moss seems to have created one that consists of, well, her.

First joke of the day courtesy of Rich at work: "You know why they took the perfume out though right? It smelled of curry".

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