Friday, January 12, 2007

"Dad died of a heart attack!"
"No. He died from fear. Fear of that shark."

It is very important that you see at least one show by these people at Bad Film Club a) because regardless of your sense of humour you will laugh like some kind of insane creature on crack b) you get to do slow hand claps and heckle at opportune moments c) there are often evil dwarfs (in the films).

Of course, the one that you should really come and see is Jaws 4 at the Battersea Arts Centre on February 10 which will be OUTSTANDING. There are lots of other films and dates but this is Jaws 4 and will be one of the greatest evenings ever because it's such a truly horrible bad film that it engenders great love and popcorn throwing. Michael Caine couldn't pick up his Oscar because he was on the set of this film. Rue the day Michael, rue it. Book tickets! Now!

Needless to say, mine are already nestled lovingly in my inbox. Come with me.

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