Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Am very annoyed as I downloaded a version of Love Me Or Love Me by Doris Day as the Nina Simone one was taking AGES, and it's so slow it basically isn't even the song. I'm always in favour of mixed-up versions of songs, but as that damned song has been knocking around my head for nigh on a week now I would much rather just play it into the ground and get it out of my system than be taunted by squeaky-clean cover versions. Even if it is by the mightily-barnetted one.


Quote said...

I posted comments on three of your pieces yesterday, but none of them worked properly.

Speaking of cover versions, have you heard Guillemots cover of Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out?

Orchestral blonde said...

Messed up cover versions mkII: Julie London's version of Mad About the Boy - simply a different song, I'm sure.