Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A conversation between two people that pretty much sums up the way I think about the internet.

B: Have you never considered that sex with "strangers" is better by default? You can't have good sex with someone you respect.

A: call me old fashioned. if i had my way (and budget) i'd be out in patterned marc jacobs dresses with swirling skirts

A: no, no. YOU can't have good sex with someone you respect.

A: although i doubt you've tried

B: Define "respect".

A: i suspect that the moment you get them into bed, some vestige of respect is automatically lost

A: umm, can i point out the fucking obvious?

B: Sure

A: that if you pick up emotionally unstable girls because theyre easy, THEY'RE GOING TO EXPECT YOU TO PROP THEM UP

A: people tend to have low self esteem for REASONS and ISSUES which surprise surprise, manifest themselves in relations with guys!

A: its no wonder us stable, emo secure girls cant find a guy. you're all trawling myspace for the girls dumb enough to post bikini shots for strangers validation.


RBT said...

I don't get it.

phaeton said...

The last bit.