Thursday, November 02, 2006

Practical Fishkeeping's website beat all of the people I work for and more at the EMAP awards on Friday. With stories like this, you can understand why. Oh my God, and also, this.


Red Carpet Rumbler said...

You clearly have an unusual fixation with asphixiation...

Anonymous said...

Or, any of these, indeed:

Men hallucinate after eating fish
Magazine publishes guide to cosmetic fish surgery
Tongue-eating louse found on supermarket snapper
Dog-eating eel kills goose
Company offers custom fish tattoos with laser
Whale vomit find worth thousands
Live fish found in uncracked duck egg
Teddy bear kills 2500
Man impaled by giant fish
Piranha bites off side of man's finger

rawcus said...

Oh sweet Jesus. You aren't getitng me anywhere near a source of water without first equipping me with a muzzle. And a Kalashnikov.

Anonymous said...

Did someone spot the thumb marks on your throat?