Monday, November 13, 2006

Boo to Desert Orchid dying, that's quite sad. Classic FM's racing bloke said an awful lot of crap about his being equally popular with punters and housewives. Well, not really, they'd probably rather have Rod Stewart, but it's a nice idea. He died aged 27, as all good icons should. I wonder if I'll be an icon when I'm 27. I'm already predicted to die before I'm 40, I'm already set for an early death. On the bright side, my idol status is set with this: it looks like I can quit learning the guitar and still write songs. Brilliant, and at the same time, oh. :(

Am listening to the new Jarvis Cocker album. He's ditched his surname in some sweet attempt to become an anti-brand. It's not very enjoyable yet, although that might be because my ears are still damaged after having 'The Best Kids Christmas Album In The World Ever, Ever, Ever' inflicted on them this morning. Ow...

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