Thursday, November 16, 2006

As someone who managed to entirely miss the Jordan Eurovision entry, it gives me great pleasure to watch the wonderfully bewildering video to her duet with Peter Andre on 'A Whole New World'.



Have just had a phone call from upstairs. I pitched a load of names to Empire's Where Are They Now section, one of which was the little Brody kid from Jaws. Now, Jaws changed my life. It was the one film that made me realise what films were, why they were great, the power that they had, and, more importantly, my parents rented me all four of them by the time I was 8. Basically, Jaws is not just my favourite film, it's a film I hold on a pedestal. I see its imperfections, but it got me into film, cemented that in fact.

So, imagine my joy at finding out Nick had manage to track down this guy. And then imagine how annoyed I feel when I realise that I'll be driving up to Glasgow when he wants me to do the interview.

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