Thursday, November 09, 2006

7000 views on MySpace. If I were a band, this would mean I were quite popular. As it is, it means it's lots of bands going "Oh, you're a journalist, maybe if I send you spam you'll become our most slavish follower" which is significantly less interesting and liable to make me cry rather than think positive thoughts about the Sunday Times reading my blogs and hiring me as a columnist in three years time.

I interviewed Nic Celesti from Jet a couple of days ago. He did the expected "Oh I don't read reviews" spiel on the Pitchfork fiasco (which was the only thing he really could do without screaming "WANKERS" very loudly), but the best quote came from talking about groupies: "It’s always safe to say that at the end of most shows there will be ladies making sexual advancement on band members but let’s face it it’s not always the stunners that makes themselves available."

RBT: "I didn't realise you were interviewing Bernard Manning."

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