Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OK, so the ones for the Intrepid Fox and the Astoria didn't achieve what was hoped, but if it makes you sleep at night, then here you go.

(And a spiel from Empire's Helen O'Hara...more lawyery than I can write.)

It's a petition to stop ID cards which, as a bit of research will show, are illiberal, ineffective in combatting anything they're meant to combat, and expensive. It probably won't do anything to stop the government investing in the damn things and turning this place into a police state, but I'd feel better if I felt I'd passed it on, so here you go.


Ross said...

I dabbled into this a few times but my complete lack of experience in investigative journalism didn't help me dig up much.
What I did learn is here:

I think the links actually work now.

Anonymous said...

Did you say petition?
That's all the excuse I need.

It says...

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to champion the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, by not replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system."

The petition is going to be running until the 17th February 2007.