Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"We consider ourselves to be the protagonists of our lives, the directors of a story that no one could live for us. However, we cannot avoid shivering (from rage, from enthusiasm or from a burst of energy) when we hear words that we might have used ourselves in the first person come out of the mouths of others.

"At times they are phrases that describe us, that unveil parts of ourselves that we believed were ours alone. This makes us feel somewhat exposed, as if others were listening to our voices instead of the voices of those singing the songs. Other times songs describe what we would like to be, which deep down inside inspires us to be what we are or to try to be what we would like to be.

"On these occasions, we feel less alone: there is someone somewhere who thinks like I do and wants to do what I want to do, and they have put it in words. These are the songs that become more than just background music while we are dancing or getting ready in the morning: these songs become our hymns."

- Silvià Terron.

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