Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My mate Laura is currently doing Important Things in Ghana. She sends updates about what she's up to which are generally awesome. Her last update included a list of the 10 best store names she's seen so far: STORE names mind you. The equivalent of Curries. These are:

10. Gift of God Beauty Salon
9. God is King Radiator Services
8. Jesus’s Victory School (imagine competing with them!)
7. Jesus is Alive Supermarket
6. The King Maker (with no explanation over what that store actually is)
5. The Success Spot (ditto)
4. My God is Able Phone Cards
3. Showers of Blessing Fashion Shop
2. The Lord’s Restaurant: continental, Ghanian, and Chinese cuisine

And finally, giving a whole new meaning to “Let there be light”:

1. God’s First Electrical Store

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