Monday, June 26, 2006

I've lived in London for nearly a year now and while my housemates are busy falling over Pete Doherty in Soho, the only famous person I've spotted was Rob Brydon. There's no excuse for this as I work a mere stumble from Soho, Noho and the other ho's so randomly littered around Berwick Street.

This might well be due to the fact that when I walk along I either stare at my feet in case I fall over the pavement, or so straight ahead that I can't see anything that isn't in my direct eyeline. But today! Today I walked past human hair-stack Russell Brand while I was going into Soho House. Admittedly he was standing still and about two inches from the front door - still, I've finally got a good spot.

(Also. Clarrie's "Oh Eddiiiiie" has now replaced Ruth's "Aw naaaaaw" as the most annoying catchphrase in The Archers. I'll rip her fictional tongue out of her head if that sodding son of hers doesn't turn up soon.)


Anonymous said...

you listen to the archers?

phaeton said...

I grew up in the middle of Hampshire with only a barn to play in. It's a miracle I didn't turn into a piece of straw.

Joe U said...

I saw Tim Burton at MPC the other day. But he's difficult to miss, as when he enters a room spirals start to appear on the walls and people start speaking in weird arty phrases. He also has a distinct walk which makes one think he's actually being hand-drawn as he goes.

I also think Keira Knightley is stalking me. She's EVERYWHERE I go. One time, I imdb'ed her after an encounter and it said she should have been in the Caribbean, shooting a film about the piracy problems down there. I know she's got lots of money and stuff, but was it really necessary for her to disrupt production just to come to London and stalk me for a little while? I hear those piracy movies are big hits and I think it's only right that the public get the latest chapter in the war against camcorder-in-the-cinema jobs sooner rather than later. Sojourns to not leave me alone don't factor into that.