Thursday, June 15, 2006

I have a serious workload. The only way around a serious workload is to ignore it completely, which is why I nipped out for drinks instead of going home and crying myself into an early grave.

Last night the Random Birth Twin and I went and had cocktails and oxygen at, er, Oxygen. It turns out that oxygen is a bit like laughing gas only without the stomach cramps caused by excess hysteria, though I somewhat spoiled its healing powers by smoking before and afterwards.

We then decided that as RBT had never done karaoke before to go and find some. The only place that could/would take us was Lucky Voice's six person booth where we proceeded to spend an hour belting out Nina Simone, Spencer Davis Group and The Offspring (me), obscure 80s bands and The Smiths (RBT) amongst various screeching levels of The Cure, Alison Moyet and Suede. They had Suede! Marvellous!

We also did the world's GREATEST duet of Gangsta's Paradise. Nothing like watching two middle-class white indie kids doing complicated hand signals while screaming out passages from the Bible.

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