Tuesday, August 23, 2005

*Phew* we can all sleep safely in our beds knowing that Coogan and Love aren' in fact spawning. Again the troubling though arises, but I'll put it away. I don't care. I'm bored. There's a marked difference that is clear as a bloody bell, honest.

I lost my Brixton Academy virginity to the Token Australasian (he's a Kiwi, I can't write Australian) last night. Fantastic venue once I'd got 6 pints of water down me and was no longer convinced I was going to fall over. QOTSA (fuck it, I'm not writing the damn name out) were excellent, it was bizarrely like watching some kind of opera unfolding with all the tuneful bits and then massive long instros fleshed out with the kind of rock ordinarily located in volcanos. Weird thing to notice but the lights were genius as well. It really makes a difference when you've got a stupidly dramatic show and the lights reflect it. Although Metallica's great fire candles just made me laugh, bless 'em.

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