Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Wow! And to think I'd had my last school lunch years ago. I'm temping as a dinner lady, yep, a dinner lady, a profession that requires me to wear yet another utterly ridiculous hat/ apron combination in the name of hygiene. The agency actually drives me there which is a godsend as a) Cardiff is a LOT bigger than I had previously thought and b) I'm lazy. Lovely little primary school so got to go "aaah" over the tiny infants getting fractious over their lunches and also hand out pudding. And everyone likes the pudding lady best. I got a terrible reminder of how awful primary school kids are when doling out lunch to the older ones as a blonde girl ran up to the counter and with a smile Beelzebub would be proud off uttered the dreadful words "he really fancies you" whilst pointing at some poor cringing boy looking as though he'd rather die. "Aha!" I thought, "revenge shall be had" so picked on his hyena-esque mate instead by saying he fancied the girl. I'm so eight years old it's pathetic. Hahahahah!

Went to Café Jazz last night in search of relaxation and jamming at the Jazz Attic (somewhat confusingly on the ground floor) and ended up singing with a really good pianist which was lots of fun. A Jazz society's being set up soon which sounds like it could be really good so not a bad couple of days considering I've only just moved in.

Still no hot water, I'm showering at the brother's tonight as I think I'm starting to ripen.

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