Monday, September 13, 2004

Truly the streets of Cardiff are paved with gold! Or at least they were this morning when I acquired a job, gave blood and sang in the sunshine doing a little surreptitious dancing as I went. The flat is broken in places - no bloody hot water for starters, cold hairwashing, mmmm! - so marched off to CPS to get things fixed (won't put up shelves the book hugging bastards) and promptly forgot about the mysterious key which will happily open locks from one side but not the other. The temptation to call it Jekeyll is just too...strong.

I'm sorry.

Continuing the "lalalala!" aspect of settling into Wales, I was made thoroughly at home by bumping into Beanie Hatted Rock Matt who I bump into every in Durham and seems perfectly natural to do so here as well. I terrified the bejesus out of the poor guy by pointing wildly, shrieking "a-HA!" and generally flailing a lot. Sorry ducks. Went off to give blood as true Cardiff initiation ritual and proceeded to have the most painful blood letting ever followed by a bit of staggering and the utterly devestating sight of assorted nurses padding damp cloths on the back of my neck, putting me on my side and fanning me furiously with large pieces of card. I kid you not. It was shaming. Got a nice keyring though and a patch on my arm to make a hypochondriac weep.

Flat is inexplicably "un" for a furnished flat so dear parents bought saucepans and cutlery yesterday and I went out to seek out poundshops and places called Hyper Market to buy household crap for cheap. Um, yay. Got an amazing and entirely unnecessary selection of Hoegaarden prayer candles and a Virgin Mary to watch over us though so cheered up a bit. Raining like buggery now though.

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