Saturday, September 25, 2004


My quest to read every single graphic novel in Cardiff central library continues apace - rather faster than my efforts to drag myself through Essential Law for Journalists alas - and continued last night with my first dabbling of Hellblazer. Met Mr Constantine before in Books of Magic but bloody hell, I wasn't quite prepared for how disturbing it was - child abuse, rape, homelessness, all dealt with in a fair, unflinching way that was excellently written but delivered a bloody great punch to the stomach. Phew. Not entirely sure that Kenau Reeves (slow, dark, american) is quite the right choice for Constantine in the film (british, blond, chain smoker, haunted) but it'll be bloody hilarious if it goes wrong.

(once again - joss whedon for X4! Rumours MUST come true. Dammit. Astonishing X-Men is fabulous)

....GEEK END....

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