Thursday, September 23, 2004

Devestation ran rife yesterday as new heights of geekery were reached - I maxed out my library card. R chastened me hugely and general loserness prevailed. We checked out Ifor Bach (or as it's much more pronounceably known, the Welsh Club) yesterday, taking full advantage of beats, funk, rock and all-out wonderful music, gallons of sweat and our new pretty skirts to dance around like fiends and generally have lots of fun. My brother and his housemates etc rocked up and we whiled away the last hour dancing shamefully/enjoyably to misplaced cheesy disco and pop klassix (TM). It's really good to have found somewhere like that to go and dance in though, lots of variety and some rather sexy gigs coming up. I get to go see The Zutons and Futureheads for the grand sum of free in a few weeks - yay for Wild! Yay for me! Yay for libraries and shorthand avoidance through books!

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