Thursday, September 09, 2004

I just had a look at some other people that blog and got thoroughly confused. It's like a dating service, or worse, these are just people who want to make themselves look thoroughly interesting. Listing what they like: "fashion, anime, golden retrievers, email, vintage". Vintage? Fashion? See, these are things that would look patently obvious if you met them in real life (hum) but cos this isn't real they go to enormous pains to make themselves appear "cool" and interesting. That mystifies me. It ain't real folks! I think the sun's gone to my head; maybe I'll just go back inside now.

Saw Shaun of the Dead last night - brilliant. S won at the "spot the comedy cameo" game; contact lenses or not I am still incredibly blind. Best sort of film watching, making yourself feel mildly sick on Butterkist and Haribo, then getting disgruntled by the fact that inevitably all that remains are those shitty little fried eggs and hearts. Who likes those fluffy things anyway? More rings! More mini bears! more cola bottles! Yeah!

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