Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Welcome, Princess Tiàaii Price Andre

The wait is over. Jordan's announced the name of her little girl, and by the sounds of it she's either a type of doll, or a long-lost Sailor Moon cast member.

Peter Andre said: "Katie always loved the name Princess, but everyone thought it was a bit over the top. I loved it too but I wanted to name her after both our mums."

"Then I just woke up one morning and thought, I know! We'll just put them together!. If people don't like it, that's up to them."

Bless Peter Andre. But what happens when little Princess Tiàaii - "We've put an accent over the first A to make it more exotic and two Is at the end just to make it look a bit different" - decides she'd rather be called Pam? At least she'll have Geri Halliwell and Lowri Turner's insanely named kiddies to frolic with. Start placing your bets on the kids becoming rocket scientists and Nobel prize winners.

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