Monday, July 30, 2007

My idol, my fallen queen

As one of my chief idols and role models, it saddens me greatly that Paris Hilton has lost her inheritance. I mean, is she going to have to get a job now she won't have that $60 million to sit back on?

The man who cut her off is her grandpa, the only one who actually does something in the Hilton clan. He's nearly 80 and is probably jealous of how serene Paris always looks. While the sex tape was embarrassing, apparently her ending up in prison is worse to him. I don't know about that. I can't think of anything worse than something as intimate as that ending up on the web, but then I've watched five seasons of Oz and lady prison can't be that bad.

"He was, and is, extremely embarrassed by how the Hilton name has been sullied by Paris," says some opportunistic mouthpiece who wrote a book about them (and fair enough, the toiletries my housemate brought me back from same were substandard. Arf.)

Poor Paris. What's she going to do? What? How? Why? Wherefore? And whither?