Thursday, July 26, 2007

Electrical Plug Socket

In two weeks, I disappear up to Edinburgh for another two weeks to do a show called Wit at the Edinburgh Festival. I wrote about it here once, but not really much about it, but don't let that put you off because it is a very good play and I don't have many talents so come and see me do well at something.

All this is why I'm going to write about something else instead. WOO!

Of the few non-mental people to have befriended me on MySpace and who I've befriended in return, Bad Film Club are in my top two favourites. Nicko and Joe are a pair of bad-movie obsessed comedians who screen choice cuts of their 1300 strong film library and get a spare comedian in to join them in doing a DVD style commentary. It's very silly, and often very funny (although more so when they do proper old-school bad films).

Robin Ince's choice of Doctor of Evil: The Mutations will live me forever. Tony Law and Top Gun, not so much. Tony's dog, Cartridge Davidson, was the best part of that. Old films work better, they're genuinely worse, and Dr of Evil had ANGRY DWARVES! And CAULIFLOWER HANDS!

Anyway, they're doing Edinburgh this year, with a show pretty much every night from 11pm - 1am in the Pleasance. I've wangled the list out of Nicko, so pick your likely challenger and go along and see them. Be warned - Nicko's become addicted to checking how many they've sold, so she might have gone slightly insane by the time they start.


Top Gun - AUG 3rd

VIVA KNIEVAL - Aug 4th - Tony Law

Jaws 4 - Aug 5th (not as bad as I remembered. Shame.)

Road House- Aug 6th - Brendon Burns

Highlander - Aug 9th - Robin Ince (special show at The cameo)

TBA - Aug 10th

Fire Storm- AUG 11

Die Hard 2-Aug 12th - Christian Reilly

Xanadu - Aug 13th - Josie Long (special show at The Cameo)

Highlander II Aug 17th - Andrew Maclelland

PIRANHA II-THE FLYING KILLERS- Aug 18th - Men with Bananas

Basic Instinct 2- Aug 19th - Glenn Wool & Brendon Burns

Jaws 3D - AUG 24th (motherfuckin' YEAH motherfuckers!)

Anaconda - Aug 25th

Can’t stop the music - Aug 26th

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