Friday, July 07, 2006

Someone must help this poor man crush his Peugeot 307. Inspired by The Simpsons (as all good things are, natch) he's got so fed up with the company refusing to sort out his rapidly decaying car that he's raising money to get it squashed. And raise money for charity, he's not a complete arse.

Because this particular car is the worst Peugeot 307 ever built, and Peugeot UK has been completely uninterested in fixing my problems or trying to resolve the situation despite the assistance of WhatCar? magazine who featured this car in March 2004.

I was fed up of being told that it was only my car that had experienced problems when a quick scout around the net proved that lots of owners were having the same problems.

The final straw came this week after the exhaust dropped off after just 26k miles. According to Peugeot this is normal and they won't discuss it any further."

26k. That's a bit shit even for Peugeot.

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