Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cool skills of the week! My mate James has just done a documentary for Radio 1 about being disabled and into music (no, don't fall asleep, he rocks it - listen here. 2h 30 for doc start, 2h 37 for start of James). The boy is so bloody charming he got involved in it through a girl he met in a park. No feeding the ducks for him: busy lips mean free trips to Roskilde.

Anyway. Everything apart from his bits and the Blaine Harrison i/v are so worthy and depressing that the egg shells the BBC seem to be so keen on treading on have been worn into the ground. They have Staind soundtracking it for God's sake, how much more self-flagellating can you get? I don't pretend to know my arse from my elbow re having proper mental or physical difficulties, but seriously: disabled people don't need to be poked with the cautious stick, otherwise that's entirely defeating the point of having an equal opportunities documentary.

Still, it should have been made. The access amendment to the Disability Discrimination Act came through in October 2004, and so few places have done anything about it. Unless he's mashed, James is incredibly nifty with his chair and general moving about, but there's an entire swathe of the population who are going to carry on being royally fucked by not having ramps, or even somewhere just to enjoy the music without feeling like someone's elderly aunt, just so they can cram in more standing room. I'd say it's unbelievable, but of course it's not.

Anyway, flawed as a lot of this documentary is, it's worth listening to just for James's point blank refusal to play up to the injured party stereotype, and for saying "happy bunny" on national radio. Good call Ballardie.

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