Monday, December 06, 2004

Well. I spent my first weekend "living" in London and got extremely freaked out. It's about ten minutes to the Houses of Parliament for God's sake. There's something massively different in staying with people you know or in an area you know to just staying in a house. Hmmm. I felt very provincial and rather worried.

I took the tube to work this morning which was rather cool - getting it to work I mean, not the tube. (I should really stop calling it work. But I haven't made tea yet, so perhaps I technically am.) I felt slightly Mary Poppins-ish bouncing along Oxford Street, almost being run over by double-decker buses and singing "Chim Chim Cheree" loudly. Alright, I made the last bit up, but what the hell. It's all very English and very London. It freaks me out quite a lot actually, but I guess three days is no time at all to even start getting used to a place.

I went to a great surplus store in Warren Street this morning, getting a lab coat for a photo shoot. Damn it, what's it called again. Leonard's Corner? Lionel's Corner? Anyway, go out of Warren Street tube, turn left and cross the road at the second set of traffic lights you'll cross over. It's just on the corner there,funnily enough.

Anyway, back to playing with Quark again. I'm tired and really quite Londoned-out. Not boding well for my journalistic career I guess...

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