Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I now have two friends my age who are married. I am 22. This should surely not be happening. It's a good thing I have the biological clock of Doctor Who or I might be starting to feel cagey.

Poverty is now no actual joke - is it ever. I know compared to, well, everyone else in the world, I am ridiculously fortunate, but going to a Christmas social and standing like a lemon sans drink etc smacks of something rotten, plus staying at home and watching Holby City (unexpected bonus, I love that show) instead of going to the meal. I must seem like the most aloof, unsocial, typical post-grad. I hated those people at university, and now I am one of them, "too good" to socialise with undergrads.

I'm not too good! I'm really rather shit! I'm just poor!

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