Friday, March 09, 2007

I've spent the last week re-learning about girls magazines in order to write a feature for Mizz. By re-learning, I of course mean reading, and since that was mostly on a bus in the unfriendly wilds of extreme North London I felt like a paedo of extreme proportions. Although paedos probably live in other parts of London, but still.

Anyway, the feature is done and I had to write a QUIZ to go with it. Now, ordinarily I love quizzes more than I love golden syrup on ice cream, but in this instance I kept on wanting to write "GIRLS! Don't have sex."

Take the quiz, but be warned, you'll spend the next hour using words like "goss" and "snogs".


1) You’ve got a supercool party to go to, but nothing to wear. Do you:

A) Refuse to go to the party and stay at home moping.
B) Get the girls round and make new outfits from all your clothes.
C) Throw a hissy fit and DEMAND that your mum buys you a new top.

2) You’ve got a school project to finish but it’s really boring. Do you:

A) Completely panic and paint your nails instead.
B) Do it as quickly as you can, then reward yourself with something fun.
C) Bat your eyelashes at the school geek until he does it for you.

3) You win a prize at school and have to make a speech. Do you:

A) Get your mum to phone in sick and pray nobody notices.
B) Thank the people who helped you win the prize
C) Grab the mic and thank everyone you’ve met in your entire life – for 30 minutes.

Mostly As
Scaredy Cat
You’d like to be famous, but it seems like too much hard work. Be brave and you could surprise yourself!

Mostly Bs
Hollywood Sweetheart
You’re dedicated and great to be around – the perfect girl next door, just like Kirsten!

Mostly Cs
Diamond Diva
You want it bad but your attitude’s a bit scary. Fame’s no fun without people to share it with, so lighten up!


Jack said...

Havent checked my blog for ages...I do indeed work for Guardian Unlimited. What's your friends name?

Anonymous said...

Won't let me log in here. Bollocks.

Anyway, kudos! for the Dickon interview. Nice photo, too.