Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Magazines 2010, Emap's restructuring program to try and counter the fact that nobody's buying magazines any more, is making an awwwwwful lot of people redundant. So, we're all fucking off to the pub for the rest of the day. Apparently there is a pub that is traditionally always used for redundancy days. People are going in for chats with the boss and coming out with thick white envelopes, either offering their redundancy pay ("30 days, then a review, then redundancy") or a safety net. Nobody knows where they're going.


Ross said...

Sorry Phaeton, hope you don't get the chop.
It sounds all a bit cloak n dagger to me, but I guess they can't keep everyone on paying them only in kindness. Or something.
Cooing reassurances.

And there was me with my heart set on becoming a critic. Arsehats.

wonderful-electric.co.uk said...

God, I remember those days. Everyone had gone off to the pub when the redundancy was announced - and the boss wanted to go to the pub with them to give them their papers and schtuff. He had to be very forcefully argued out of that stance.