Friday, December 08, 2006

Orchestral Blonde works for the press department of HM Customs and Excise, or Exercise or whatever it is they do. Exorcism? She's never explained this to me properly, all I know is her training involved going through sex tourists' luggage and that if you should accidentally swear in emails it gets sent back to you because HM C&E's internet server disapproves of profane language.

Regardless, this is a very proud day for me because she's just written her very first press release all about 20kg of heroin worth £1 million. Who knew that heroin could induce such maternal feelings?

And, um, it's also quite a proud day for me because I'm finally a recognised Rotten Tomatoes critic. Even if they were for two utterly dire films.


Orchestral Blonde said...

It's actually the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office, just to split hairs! if anyone's interested.

kinkyfantastic said...

GEEK. Hairs split.