Friday, December 08, 2006

MySpazz isn't working. Still. Everyone else's is, apart from mine. It troubles me that I'm actually getting a bit prickly and anxious about it, even though I know that most likely I will eventually sign in and be greeted by "New Event Invitation" to something shit and very little else.

I think I have a problem, in fact, I know I have a problem. A friend of mine who's been holed up in Ipswich for the last month is moving down to work round the corner from me next week, and our main correspondence for the last year has been via MySpace (and email, which makes it somewhat less horrific). I should probably transfer my addiction onto something less awful, like smoking during the day again. Although, seeing as I have to sing quite high and relatively purely next weekend (for reasons to be detailed later and involve bells and Shoreditch), that's probably out as well. Sigh. Am going to go and eat lots of meat at lunchtime with Film Joe. Hopefully that will act as some kind of sedative.

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