Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Having spent all of yesterday listening to the new Jet album on repeat while writing the Q podcast script (very very Beatles, very very nicked from everyone else ever, strangely addictive when listened to 15 times in a row) today got me a delicious musical recompense in the form of Lebanon/France/England pop tart Mika.

I was supposed to be interviewing him at either 3.20, 12.30, 2pm or 3pm depending on Universal's everchanging press schedule, but that all got shot to shit and canned to some as yet un-named day. This matters not because I've spent pretty much the whole morning and most of the afternoon grinning inside and fighting an urge to sing along to the yodelling bits and cartoony gloriousness of it all. 'Relax, Take It Easy' is like a considerably better version of how the Scissor Sisters might sound if they covered the Bee Gees covering The Cure, while 'Grace Kelly' just makes me terribly, terribly pleased. It sounds all Kinks-ish at the beginning which is rather wonderful.

Think Prince, Freddie Mercury and Jake Shears having a fight to see who's the most flamboyant and you're pretty much there. OUTSTANDING pop music from someone who is going to go absolutely mahussive if Radio1 pays the proper attention. Check out some tunes here


belinda said...

do you think you could please pass the "big girls" track?

i'm dying to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!

xx b

phaeton said...

Sure, send some contact details to my MySpazz or something.