Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I read Kerrang! for years. Literally, I moved right on just before Select folded and ate it up. Loved the writing (still do), loved the fact it was speaking directly to me, even when it was on about some Tazmanian death metal band with a fondness for white slavery. I did work experience there a year or two ago and got utterly terrified by the German woman who told me off for tapping my foot. Apparently the vibrations went through the floor and over into her leg.

I don't buy it now just because my rock taste isn't really theirs anymore (more flim-flam than arrgh, also we get it free in the office) but I am ludicrously excited to be going to the Day of Rock gig on Thursday. It's on a roof top! With a barbecue! There will be rockstars! Sort of. I refuse to count either The Automatic or Charlie Fightstar as rock stars, but there will be Angela Gossow and members of SiKTH which should be hilarious. Ooh, and that kid from Bring Me The Horizon with the world's craziest tattoos. I'm looking forward to that: 18 my arse, he clearly started getting them well before his GCSEs.

Ooh, it's like all my 19-year-old dreams in one handy afternoon. I have to be a video camera person in exchange, but as long as I don't drop it, everything should be just dandy.

"Perhaps you could use the Velcro hand strap technique – that’s my professional advice," said PR Polly.

I'm totally down with that.


I'm interviewing Dot Allison just before this all kicks off. The dichotomy between the two should be tremendous.

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