Monday, September 05, 2005

Ooh look it's Monday. Where *did* the time go. A lot of people I know are up in righteous anger about Bush's inaction regarding Hurrican Katrina. I am just rather glad that I am nowhere near a storm. Righteous inaction is pretty much where I stand when actual opinion isn't available.

It's even less available now as my brain is currently occupied with trying not to think about the gaping wound in my elbow. So giving blood is no more fun the more you do it. Possibly having a 12-month gap between appointments was erring on the lax side but it was bloody horrible and one of my least favourite things to do. The nurses were switched onto hyper chirpy which made keeping a grim silence rather impossible. Then it all went wrong anyway as the my bloody blood wasn't being removed fast enough and they had to wiggle the needle around which proved too much for my anti-needle sensibilities and I cried like a small infant.

I got some biscuits and a packet of crisps out of it though. Yum.

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