Friday, September 23, 2005

It amazes me how much James Blunt continues to make me want to scrape out my ears with shards of glass. Maybe it's the too twee for words voice, the insipid melodies, the fact you're supposed to feel slightly reverent at the fact he used to be fighting for Queen and country in t'militreh but maybe most of all it's the fact my housemates and their extremely excellent friends all adore the bastard and, worst of all, have arranged backstage passes. The ONE TIME I could go backstage and it was to James 'mediocre is above me' Blunt. If I didn't break out in a rash everytime I heard that word, he'd become rhyming slang quicker than you could say platinum selling album.

24 hours and I'll be on a train to end up in Germany where there is no James Blunt.

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