Friday, July 08, 2005

The inevitable left-wing middle-class guilt about yesterday has started. One friend, aka Mr Slim embarked on a weary diatribe featuring the words "war" "Blair" and simliar. 'I just found myself thinking "well these things will happen if you spend long enough fucking around with foreign countries you don't understand" and things like that,' says he. not that it's not terrible for the people involved of course, but it just seemed inevitable and not even that shocking any more tbh.' Fair enough. 'I guess I would have felt differently if I'd been near any of the scenes,' he said realistically, followed by the killer, 'as it was I was in bed.'

This was counterpointed (delicious word, DELICIOUS) by Niall, splashing through London from Glastonbury en route to Korea, curling his lip in contempt, and saying: 'Yes the commuters clearly said "Excuse me, Mr Terrorist, please blow me up to sate my guilt at the horrible inequalities of this world".

Whatever. It's easy to put yourself in someone else's shoes, but if they do the same you end up where you are to begin with. Oh god, the tortuous pseudo-philosphical tarting of it all. It hurts my brain.

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