Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Argument from d21 re: The Libertines. I need to rant.

I completely agree with Pete re: the car crash idea. It's a tragedy that this actually rather good band (Can't Stop Me Now = genius) have been torn apart by drugs and the behaviour of their members but hell, that's not exactly a new story is it. Read The Dirt or hear about ACDC anyone? What's the tragedy is that the NME, the 'Sun' of the music world and the most despicably hypocritical publication around, is touting 'cool' as being self-destructive. Fuck that. Being cool isn't screwing up your own life and those of the others around you, it's doing your own thing and being utterly driven by passion. Not by the fragile need to boost your self-esteem by blowing your brains out, either with drugs, or with guns.

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