Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bit of a gigtastic weekend and for free no less! Small price to pay for free tickets ie; picking emails etc although it's a rubbish job and once again I am vindicated in my hatred for the general public.

I ended up working the Razorlight gig on Friday which meant seeing Dogs (good then sliding down to average noisy rocktastic tie-swinging) and the Duke Spirit (lovely voice, not as amazing live as thought they might have been but lots of tambourine shaking which was nice) and Razorlight themselves. hmmm. Vice is good and I can see why teenage girls have taken them so far up the charts, but they're not exceptional.

The Zutons and The Futureheads on Sunday (latter very good, Zutons really good, loads of energy) but I got stupidly tired after running around London all weekend so went home early. Loser. Eastern Lane gig last night at the Welsh Club - miserably average support band first, no substance, less style. then the Paddingtons who had some overkeen indie boy stripping and jumping around naked which was, er, lovely. J and I were knackered so slid home half way through the set and missed Eastern Lane which was rubbish but hey, we're old or something. Half seven starts - boring life a necessity.

Heading off to Bristol tonight to watch Kings of Comedy which should be cool; I'm hoping for Scott Capurro and Dara O'Briain, but someone who'll make me laugh will do. Another late night though, however will we manage?

God - we're actually pathetic.

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