Monday, May 24, 2004

What better way to wind down after a Molière exam than discovering that Victoria Beckham is picking on the poor. Er...still, more amusing than dissecting how education and marriage intertwine seamlessly...

Victoria Beckham has spent three days living with a poverty-stricken family in Peru as part of a secret charity mission. On behalf of Sport Relief, who provide aid to the country, Posh worked from 6am to 6pm washing and preparing food in people's homes in Las Lomas de Carabayllo on the outskirts of Peru's capital, Lima. Although bemused locals nicknamed her the 'Barbie doll' during the visit, it is clear she made a good impression. "She went everywhere and saw everything here," revealed Lillian Segura who runs a children's soup kitchen in the area. "She was wonderful, working and mixing with all of us. She went to see the kids at work in the recycling dump. When she arrived at first we thought she was a Barbie doll because she was so beautiful, but then they told us she was Victoria – David Beckham's wife… One of the first things she did was sing a song to a group of children." A friend of Victoria's added: "She lived the life of the villagers. It was an incredible experience for her. She found it amazingly moving."

Cringe. In a kindly, sleb free world this would be laudable. As it's a Beckham I just feel like pointing and laughing.

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