Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I managed to pass an entire weekend in Vienna without culturising (is it a word? Who cares) at all - yes! I saw everyhting from the outside on the trams, trees, parks, buses, u-bahn, schwarzfahring all the way which was bad in a twelve year old sort of way. Ha! The cathedral is stunning though, if only for the windows at each end which are just staggeringly gorgeous - in a way I'm glad we bypassed all the museums and going in to pay extortionate fees because now the predominant image in my head is of those two windows and the paintings at one end. Vienna's parks are lovely too, filled with students "revising" and playing with hacky sacks and stuff. We did end up on the Eurovision Song Contest though which was bizarre - we met some people at the town hall to find shed loads of drag queens and people in crazy costumes going in to the Lifeball. We went in to find it was the "Hallo Vienna! Hallo Europe" point so we looked slightly perplexed before going full on weirded out when a Pet Shop Boy came out and spoke about the Elton john Aids Trust which the Life Ball is in aid of, then bloody Elton himself turned up and sang a song. How very english!

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