Saturday, May 24, 2003

Greetings from Horn (god bless the austrians for having such ludicrous city names.) Cat and I drove here from Vienna yesterday in her new car - sqeaks and a dislike of first gear are rendered unimportant by the sheer SIZE of the bass. Mmmmm.... rush hour traffic was not the best time to leave - it took two hours to get of the bastard city but the drive was beautiful and more amusing town names. And the bass of course - again, mmmm. Sara´s house is fucking huge, our jaws scraping along the floor, we were shown various gadgets, enormous wardrobes and an obsessional towel collection. Creepy. Also the biggest tv I have ever seen - goddammit I want to be obscenely rich! Taking the kiddies out for a jaunt in the car, various children piled in on laps and all will be fine. Just don´t tell the insurance company. red tape in Austria might be a fuckload worse than in Frnace. Sheesh.

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