Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I am a Times prize-winning photographer!

I won the Community project category in The Times' Cameraphone Photographer of the Year competition! Amazing. I was having a large and unnecessarily indulgent coffee and cake with my old flatmate Ian when this nice chap rings up and says I've won something with a picture I took of Mile End's puny anti-flooding efforts during the July monsoon season. I laughed at him for about three minutes. As well as getting to be on The Times website (swoon) I get a nice new phone and a nice Bluetooth printer which will come in ridiculously handy for my current domestic photoframe fetish. I'll never hear a bad word against my little K800i again. Ever. But more than that, I am very very excited to be in The Times, however dubiously.

In other news, I had been getting slightly freaked out by the total lack of news coverage surrounding the fact that a large chunk of Soho had been cut off on Monday evening due to a chemical and gas leak (as we were told). There were police and firemen everywhere. More importantly, Anna and I missed our screening of Black Sheep so there were many angry film journalists grumbling about being denied the joys of Kiwi genetically mutated sheep, and we had to go off traipsing around cinemas that weren't showing anything remotely good.

This has all been made considerably better by discovering this. Chemical/gas leak my arse.