Friday, August 17, 2007

Four stars in Three Weeks!

WIT: **** Underbelly, 1.15pm
Wit: A sharp sounding word with connotations of humour and sanity, neatly reflects the qualities of this play's heroine, Vivian Bearing, a fiercely independent academic facing ovarian cancer. Not one to be anticipated by an obvsious narrative device she deadpans to her audience, "It is not my intention to give away the plot...but I think I die, at the end". Like the poetry of John Donne she so reveres, she 'distrusts simplification' and fights fiercely against both dehumanisation and sentimentality. Despite the sparkling erudition of the script, done full justice by intelligent performances all round, this play's most forceful comment is in fact a simple one about kindness. An unflinchingly honest performance of this acutely insightful and poignant play.