Friday, May 05, 2006

I totally want this even though I might cry. Replacing the glass jars? How bloody dare they! Surely the problem with squeezy tubes is that you'll get far too much and it'll be too bitter. It's a fine balanace. Fine.

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Joe U said...

I'm not happy unless the Marmite is literally oozing off the toast.

Of course to have Marmite on toast you have to remember to prioritise bread over cigarettes when you're at Sainsbury's, a skill I've yet to learn.

In my fridge right this second:

The last leaves of a mixed salad bag, circa April.
Half a cucumber, circa June.
A glass-worth of flat Champagne, circa Christmas.
Two packets of mince beef, circa June.
Two pieces of garlic butter, extracted from Chicken Kievs when I needed garlic butter and figured that'd be much easier than making it myself, circa April.
Some Gorgonzola, circa June.

I pretty much don't open my fridge anymore if I can possibly avoid it. It smells like Wayne Rooney these days. Nothing is in date or edible.