Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I've switched on the comments section again. This could backfire horribly, namely with people not actually saying anything, just disappearing into the netherworlds of cyberspace again. I really need to stop setting up new blogs because they're spreading everywhere now with different purposes: the MySpace, where I post new music stuff, the Catch27, for ranting, and this one, for links and out of affection for the fact that the first LT was made in horribly bad coding when I was 18.

Anyway - the entire point of this post is to express absolute disbelief at the fact that Sue Lawley is to leave Desert Island Discs. As show excitement goes, it's probably lurking somewhere below Loose Ends and above Counterpoint, as regardless of who's on it, Lawley will command the programme in that calm, unflappable manner that manages to somehow sap the week's castaway of any vim they may have. Or maybe that's jsut an automatic response to being confronted with the Lawley, who knows.

Fairly enough, she says that after 18 years she quite fancies doing something else - can you imagine spending 18 years doing the same thing? I can't imagine 18 months. My last job was three months, and this is stretching to seven, so I'm hardly au fait with lengthy stints doing one thing. She did a good job, she doesn't want to do it anymore. Fair enough - Liv Tyler's opening a spa for god's sake.

Oooh, spa run by Sue Lawley. I bet that'd get a niche market - like Charlotte Green phone lines...


Anonymous said...

your blog looks very spiffy. did you design your own theme?

phaeton said...

Excuse me while I finish spluttering with mirth. Thanks for admiring the spiffy kittens (lovely kittens) but it's a Blogger template. The last one I drew up ate itself, probably due to the fact I wasn't very good at technical things. Clicking buttons is much, much easier. xx