Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's clearly a day for being perturbed. Just as the magazine's masthead turns into a glorious vision of Vanity Fair, so too do all the blogs that I read have excitingly grown-up fonts that look as though they should have white linen napkins whisked over their laps and a nice cucumber sandwich placed in either hand. Technowhizz #2 is no exception as his looks more refined than a teadance, albeit more fun as this ICF concept proves.

It's something that self-obsessed people with any taste in music have been worrying about for ages - along with what photos to put in your posthumous biography and which choice stories to tell at your wedding, it's which songs to play at your funeral. T #2 reckons that along with your ICE numbers (remember them? Although clearly anyone will just ring the one markem mum-and-or-dad) you should have In Case of Funeral songs. Damn skippy. Although anyone playing anything remotely maudlin at my funeral will have to be instantly shot. The best song I ever heard of was a woman who had 'The Only Way Is Up' by Yazz played at her cremation. With that in mind:

ICF for Kat:
Since You've Been Gone - Rainbow. Relentlessly joyful song with added bonus of finger jabbing and subtle-as-sledgehammer pun.
Copper Girl - 3 Colours Red. If I haven't changed someone's world by the time I die then I won't have lived my life the way I wanted.
Romeo + Juliet - Dire Straits. Just a lovely song. Although wrist-slittingly maudlin under wrong circumstances. Part of a long list of such tunes that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Actually fuck it - I think I'll have this and be done with it. Fucking rrrrrrock!

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Joe U said...

That Dire Straits song makes me all warm everytime I hear it. ITMS here I come.

I want Elton John to record a special version of Candle in the Wind for my funeral. Hopefully that'll clear the church nice and quickly so they can move on to the afterparty. Erm, I mean, wake.

I'll be disappointed if my funeral isn't populated by a tonne of paparazzi and the day doesn't start with a special black-masthead version of The Sun.