Friday, October 21, 2005

Grammar is a niggle. This is bloody hilarious. As HM puts it, all punctuation is 'model's own.
To the DUTY OFFICE of ITV Television :

As discussed, I shall be Extremely grateful for your Kind Assistance in passing on My following Contact Details to: Mrs. SHARON OSBOURNE & FAMILY (The 'Star' of the X-Factor Series, et el) ~
With whom I wish to Personally Communicate, in regards to Proposing to themselves the opportunity to View/Become Involved with a 'Unique New Entertainment related Gaming Project'
; of which I, as the Inventor & Sole Proprietor, wish to Confidentially Share with them at this time.


Pvt. Telephone Line : 0208 xxx-xxxx - London UK.
E-Mail : xxxxxxx.xxxxx@xxxxxx


Most Sincerely.

PS : As an ardent ITV Television Channel Viewer - I also take this Opportunity, to Thank the ITV Television Group for transmitting such absolute 'Top Class' TV Programming, the Entertainment which I too, enjoy each and every Day !

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