Sunday, May 22, 2005

The problem with being enthusiastic and desperate on the weekends means that when you actually come into college, there's no damn paper. I found one scrap of it lurking in the depths of the printer with a link to something called on it.

"Comics eh?" sez I, still revelling in the fact that a recently purchased back issue of Essential X-Men had a letter of mine in it, "That sounds significantly better than whatever it was I was doing." So I read several witty, informative and screwy pieces on Supergirl, whether the Human Torch is actually as gay as he's presented, the utterly terrifying "Family Values" Coalitions in the States and their battles against gay comic characters and about a two-part issue of the Green Lantern focusing on gay hate crimes.

Prism is a site focusing on LGBT representation and undertones in comics with as much adoration for the format as any fanboy worth their salt. It's not geeky, nor pedantic, it is however bloody addictive. I'm clearly not going to get any work done today...

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