Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hurray! I didn't realise there was a website for the lovely book Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down, but there is. "For tea drinkers who are keen on sitting down and having biscuits." And cake by the looks of it.

Along with the usual bits like "Sugar, how not to give it to somebody who really wants it" there is a biscuit of the week with a really rather big archive. Your favourite biscuit will be in there unless you're weird. They even have a little bit apologising for any rubbish spelling which shows the sad, bitter world we must live in if there are angry people writing in admonishing them for poor grammar. As long as they don't employ text speak. Boo.

Apparently McVities were in league with the Nazis during the War. That's what James said last night anyway. But he's half-lawyer, so I don't really believe him.

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